Industrial oxygen plant system vital for manufacturing industries


Industrial oxygen plant is used for generating oxygen for application medicine and numerous other industries. Oxygen is known as the 2nd largest industrial gas after nitrogen.  Our industrial gas plant machinery is able to generate oxygen with purity up to 99.9%, which is considered excellent for meeting industrial and medical applications. Industrial oxygen is used for sustaining manufacturing processes across various industries. Oxygen is extensively used across numerous industries including aerospace & aircraft, automotive & transport, chemical, energy, food & beverages, healthcare, metal production, oil & gas, pharmaceutical & biotechnology, refining, welding & metal fabricating and many more.  High quality raw materials are used in the fabricating of the machinery.

Salient features of medical oxygen plants

  • Best cutting-edge technology
  • Low operational cost
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Skid mounted
  • Low working pressure
  •  Durable Machinery- over 35 Years.
  • Noise level of the plant is only 74 – 78 Db
  • Cylinder filling done via vaporizer from the Liquid storage tanks
  • Fully Automatic operation via DCS system available

Industrial oxygen plant is an important industrial system that is vital for manufacturing industries.  High level of purity should be maintained. And, we offer oxygen plants for hospitals that meet all the quality requirements.  Being the leading oxygen plant supplier in India, we use the most advanced cryogenic technology in the fabricating and manufacturing of the plant machinery.  This is the technology that is used for manufacturing oxygen plants that are used to generate oxygen with high purity. In fact, the technology is used all over the globe for building oxygen that can generate oxygen on a large scale.

As a trusted engineering company, we offer our customers perfectly designed machinery that is durable, reliable and high performing.  Our industrial oxygen plants are made in compliance with globally acceptable standards. For meeting the quality norms, we have been awarded with ISO 9008:2015 and CE certifications.


Industrial Applications of Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen plant is an industrial system for generating liquid nitrogen for industrial applications. Liquid nitrogen is used in wide range of industries. It is used for providing inerting environment where oxidation can be harmful. The gas makes up around 78.082% of the earth’s atmosphere in terms of volume of dry air. And, it constitutes 75.3% of the atmosphere by weight of dry air. Unlike oxygen, it is not found in the crust of the earth. The inert gas is odorless, colorless and tasteless gas and is the 7th most abundantly found element in the universe.  It is known as the largest industrially consumed gas.  The most common application of liquid nitrogen is in preserving the freshness of the packaged food. It protects food & beverages from the damaging effects of oxidation.


Another industrial application of liquid nitrogen is as inert gas for treating melt in the manufacturing of steel.  It is also used as a shield gas in the heat treatment of steel, iron, and other metals.  The inert gas is used as dielectric gas for high voltage equipment. It is also used in the fire suppression systems for safeguarding information technology equipment. The gas is used in the packaging of liquid nitrogen explosives where it is used for protection. Inflating race car and aircraft tires also use nitrogen for protection against moisture and oxygen in the natural air.

It is widely used in the healthcare industry. Liquid nitrogen is used for freezing livestock semen, blood and viruses. The samples can be stored for years by using the inert gas. Another advantage of using liquid nitrogen is that its application cause minimum cell wall damage.  It is also applied in MRI devices for pre-cooling the low temperature magnets before liquid helium is applied for final cooling.  It is widely used for destruction of diseases cells in cryo-surgery. In the pharmaceutical industry, nitrogen is used on a large scale. It acts as a shield in the packaging of medicines for protection against degradation by oxidation.

Oxygen plant manufacturer industrial and medical/hospital Industry

Oxygen plant is industrial equipment which is used for producing oxygen for application in the industry. There are numerous oxygen plant manufacturers that manufacture oxygen generating machinery using cryogenic distillation technology.  It is normal for any well-established oxygen plant manufacturer to use the latest technology. Their aim is to turn out oxygen generation and filling plants that are trusted for their reliability, durability and seamless functioning. Apart from the technology, designing of the oxygen plant machinery is also taken very seriously and it is done in compliance with international standards and procedures.

A reputed oxygen plant manufacturer always ensures to deliver the best quality oxygen generation and filling plants to the clients.  Such manufacturers offer the machinery in various sizes and capacities ranging from 20m3/hour to 5,000m3/hour. The material used in the manufacturing and fabricating of the oxygen plant machinery is always top quality and is sourced only from the approved vendors.  Latest manufacturing techniques are employed in the fabricating of the oxygen plants.  They usually have well-equipped R & D center, which upgrades the oxygen plant machinery as per the findings of the market research team.

Satisfaction of the customers is the top priority for any quality oxygen plant manufacturer; always keen delivering the oxygen gas producing plants.  Their oxygen plant machinery is known for smooth performance, competitive prices and innovation. Machines are built to consume less energy and to have zero maintenance cost. While manufacturing oxygen generation plants, it is taken care that strict quality control measures are enforced. Most of them are ISO 9001:2008 and CE certified. Maintenance of quality is important for retaining the trust of customers. A CE mark on machinery is a guarantee of its quality.

Use of oxygen in treatment of diseases


Oxygen is a vital element for survival of life on the planet earth. It is a highly reactive gas which is odorless, colorless and transparent. The non-metallic element is the most abundantly found element in the crust of the earth. It constitutes almost 50 per cent of the mass of the earth’s crust. Moreover, it is 3rd most abundantly found element in the universe after helium and hydrogen. It makes up 20.94 per cent of the earth’s atmosphere. And, it constitutes more than 65% of the human body, three quarters of sea water and around half of dry soil.

No denying oxygen is absolutely necessary for sustenance of life on the planet. According to the medical science, all sorts of diseases creep into our bodies when there is decline in oxygen levels in our bodies. So much so that Dr Otto Warburg says that cancer is caused by lack of oxygen in our cells. He is of the opinion that cancer cells cannot grow in oxygen rich environment. He says that when a cell’s energy is replaced by fermentation because of want of oxygen, it leads the path to cancer. Dr Warburg says that main cause of cancer is the substitution of the normal respiration of body cells with the respiration of cells without oxygen.

Oxygen burns food and eliminates toxins and waste through oxidation. It hardly needs to be elaborated that the highly reactive gas maintains all functions of our bodies. Every moment we are respiring oxygen as our very life depends on it. It is required for giving energy to the cells so that could regenerate themselves. It is needed for our brains to function. It is said that the grey matter uses up almost 20 per cent of the total oxygen in our bodies. Oxygen is needed for smooth functioning of our bodies. Indeed, all activities like speaking, thinking, moving and feeling require energy which is produced from oxygen.

Moreover, oxygen is a very reactive element and can combine with any element to form compounds that are very vital for maintaining and building our bodies. For example, oxygen joins with nitrogen and hydrogen to form proteins. The non-metallic gas combines with carbon and hydrogen to produce carbohydrates. It also joins with hydrogen to form water.

However, all living things depend on oxygen for burning or oxidation of food. There is scientific research that claims that oxygen concentration levels in the atmosphere are decreasing 0.8 per cent every fifteen years. The study also claims that the level of oxygen in the atmosphere has fallen below 20 percent.

we designs and manufactures oxygen producing machine which is reputed for its high quality and advanced technology. the oxygen producing machine generate oxygen with purity up to 99.7%.

Buy best quality liquid oxygen plant at low costs

Liquid oxygen plant

Liquid oxygen plants are used across wide array of industries from health care to petroleum and chemical industries. To meet the demands for such equipment, there are many suppliers in the market, not all of them are renowned for using advanced technology like

Therefore, it is imperative that customers search about the antecedents of the manufacturers in the market before they go ahead and buy the machines. It is necessary because you must get full value for your money. The machines you buy must be using advanced technology and reasonably priced as well.

We are one of the few go-to liquid oxygen plants manufacturers if you want to buy a unit that uses advanced technology and is low-priced compared to the market. We have entered into collaboration with Cryofusion & Mandressi of Italy for getting the latest Italian technology and designs.

The liquid oxygen equipment generates oxygen and nitrogen having purity of 99.7% and 99.99% respectively. The units come with the capacity ranging from 50 TO 10000 m3/hr. As our machines use low power consumption, you incur low electricity expenses.

Another feature is that our equipment comes with sturdy and compact design. It is easy to operate being fully automatic. Before being delivered to our customers, we get our machines vigorously tested at our plants.

Our plants can work even in extreme climactic conditions. Being fitted with an on-line oxygen analyzer, the product quality is ensured. And, you can also integrate a liquid oxygen tank to the plant. What is more, it also works a Cylinder filling station to convert liquid oxygen into high-pressure gas.

As far as technology is concerned, it goes without saying that our products are manufactured using the best know-how in the world. Talking of quality, we have been awarded ISO and CE certifications. Our quality analysts are always testing the products to ensure that they are functioning at their optimum level.

Our entire endeavor is driven towards excellence and, to this end, we have got a dedicated team of engineers and technicians who are constantly working to improve the reliability, durability and functionalities of our products.

Last but not the least, we have got a very proactive customer service team, who always remain keen to help out our customers. Call our customer service and you will get all the details you need to make a decision for buying. We offer you liquid oxygen units at prices which cannot get anywhere else.

Consult Indian Oxygen Plant Manufacturers for Best Deals

oxygengas plant

As you know, there are a number of manufacturers of oxygen plants all over the world, but you are unsure to which company should be consulted. First of all, you need to search a country where manufacturing industry has been getting promoted by the government. In addition, the country must be technologically very advanced and have good international relations in order to acquire support. Once you search a country, you need to look for manufacturers of the country. India, one of the developing countries in the world, is a good option for people and companies looking for high quality, fully automatic and technologically advanced oxygen plants.

Features of the systems

Since India is home to a number of manufacturers and suppliers, so the competition is very high and companies are not only providing high quality machines, but also giving discount in order to serve maximum customers. Features of the systems include:

  • Technologically very advanced
  • Low power requirement
  • Minimum space required
  • Comparatively low prices
  • Fully automatic functioning

Make online search to get associated with oxygen plant manufacturers and suppliers in India. Once you find a few popular companies with international collaboration and get associated and demand for technical quotation. Choose a company, which guarantees of high quality machine at competitive rates without compromising with the quality and technology.

Reputed companies have skilled engineers supported by well equipped production units and research and development teams. Customer care department also remains round the clock available to support each customer. Anyone can contact the executives anytime to get the technical details and quotations of the machines. A system can be booked in India just by making the 30 to 40% payment in advance and rest on the time of shipment.

Why People Choose Oxygen Cylinder Filling Plants to Generate Oxygen and Nitrogen?

oxygen cylinder filling plantsOxygen cylinder filling plants generate both oxygen as well nitrogen. If you are looking for oxygen gas or nitrogen gas or both the gases, you are advised to search a company, which manufactures and supplies oxygen plants. A reputed and known manufacturer supplies high quality, durable, advanced and fully automatic machines at economical rates so you are advised to choose one. In addition, such a company also has international approach in order to impart training and latest advancements in the industry.

Some vital features of cylinder filling oxygen nitrogen plants

  • Come in ready to install
  • Easy to run
  • Energy efficient
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Cryogenic grade stainless steel column

If you a find a genuine company, you will get above features associated with your machines. You will get raw materials along with the machines. To get technical details and quotations of the systems, you should approach the chosen company. Either you can send an email or call directly as the customer care departments remain operational round the year. You will get answer of your query in no time.

If your budget is low and looking for an advanced oxygen cylinder refilling plant project cost, then it is best for you to look for discounts. Once you get the oxygen cylinder filling plants project report, you can decide further. To get more information about the products and services, make the online search now.